Thursday, October 29, 2009

Paranormal Activity Freaks My Shit!

Pet Cemetary remains my scariest film to date (largely because I saw it as a child and have not been able to re-watch it), but PA deserves the praise it’s received. It revels in the simplicity of it’s scares and atmosphere and serves as a reminder that no filmmaker can ever put on screen what the individuals imagination conjures up. See with company and see it soon.

Finally saw Zombieland

This is the filmic version of cotton candy and you would have to enjoy picking peanuts out of poop to be highly critical of it. A lot of the guys in the film department were surprisingly hard on it. If this was a remake of a horror classic I might have been inclined to take heed, but their synopsizes turned out to be highly inappropriate. It’s just a fun flick and horror fans should count their lucky stars they got TWO decent genre films this October to counter the usual lame offering with Saw VI and the needless rerelease of Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2. Zombieland is just about appropriate for anyone who can handle the contents of something like Superbad. Really, go see it!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Paranormal Activity & Zombieland Reviews Coming

Zombieland is a given, but Paranormal Activity playing in Santa Barbara is just a happy accident. Very cool. When's the last time their were ANY worthwhile horror films playing in October? Things also look good for gamers this season with Cursed Mountian, Dead Space: Extraction, and the sweetness that will be Silent Hill: Shattered Memeories. I love the idea of filling out a questionaire before starting the game to make the expeiriance more personal. All this complements what's sure to be a great Halloween. Lot's of parties happening in the SB area, just stay out of I.V.!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Late Surrogates Review

Working on New Reviews and Show

Got a late review of Surrogates on the way. Also now recording audio for Dr. Katz-like improv web show. Difficult to explain, but if you like stuff like Home Movies, Daria, and of course Dr. Katz, then you’ll love what’s coming soon.