Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Bargin Bin

Love it when you find those conspicuious crates at Fry's that have a bunch of old movies for under $10!!! Recently had a penny pinching shopping splurge and here's four DVD's I found:

Dinner Rush-A great large cast family drama mixed with organized crime. I love those buisy, loud crowed moments like in Altman's Gosford Park or Woody Allen's Radio Days. This one is rather violent though (and the music is suspect at best while I'm being critical), but I really recommend this one for a nice change of pace.

The Assasination of Richard Nixon-Barely mentioned Sean Penn veichile form 2004. It's a real downer about a true life loser of a salesman Same Bycke who attempted to fly a airliner into the White House. At times this is difficult to watch, but remains engaging thanks to it's star. Not sure I needed to own it though.

Appaloosa-Now we're talking! Westerns! This is an amazing directorial debut for Ed Harris and deserved far more love at the box office than the medicore 3:10 to Yuma remake. I know I looks like a simple love triangle story, but it's much more epic than that. Not to mention it features some powerfully realistic gunfights. Belongs in any western fan's collection.

Open Range-I'll do a video one day to profess my love for this film. Hell, I should have by now, because it is easily my favorite movie of all time (bet you didn't have me pegged for a Western nut)!

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