Friday, February 26, 2010

The Crazies isn't any kind of little known small film, but I can't wait for it! I really need a new horror flick to see in theaters. Daybreakers was sweet, didn't have much interest in Legion, and I can't think of much else in the genre that grabs me. Yes, I saw The Wolfman and Shutter Island. Wolfman was solid, but unremarkable. Best part of it was that it got a R rating! Honestly didn't expect that. Shutter Island was a welcome change of pace with it's heavy atmosphere. It's not interested in telling the story you expected from the trailers. With that, it's still not amazing. I like that Martin Scorsese made such a straight forward film rather than the usual bloated, over produced junk big name directors like him are making these days (Oliver Stone with Wall Street 2 and Ridely Scott with Robin Hood). But enough of that, I'm off to go see me some craziness!

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