Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Crazies Review

Saw the Crazies last night (two nights later than when I was planning to). I’ve been aching for a good horror film and the conclusion I’ve come to after this film and Daybreakers is that nothing beast watching a horror movie at home, with friends or by yourself. Bringing that particular genre of film into your home creates a vulnerability that most of us Horror Fans simply can not surrender at the theater. In that setting we get all snob-like and heavily critical (seriously, Shutter Island didn’t startle or chill me once).

Remember how not only did critics say that Paranormal Activity was better on home video, but the advertisements on TV for the DVD boasted this! We take this for granted, but I think that subconsciously we all agree on this!

But how was The Crazies? Not bad. A classic zombie flick where most of the action happens on a smaller scale (i.e. one character alone in a room with X number of zombies lurking around). This isn’t the goriest horror film recently either which is appreciated, but what the film chooses to show in graphic detail is neither satisfying for zombie slayer fans (like myself) or startling.

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