Saturday, March 13, 2010

Iceman Review

Iceman is a pleasant little piece of escapism: a straight faced parable of finding a frozen neaderthal who’s still alive. Amazingly with only that simple premise there are a good few surprises and it never gets so coarse as to break it’s calm atmosphere. Comparisons to John Carpenter’s The Thing (which came two years before Iceman’s release) are inevitable and while very sci-fi, Iceman is no horror flick.

Like the cold snowy surroundings it is stoically beautiful. It’s ironically almost like going to a museum; we stare at the exhibition in mild awe, filling in a lot of deliberate gaps with speculation. The Iceman himself (played perfectly by John Lone) is a wonder to watch. The film connects with us with parental sympathies: will our little caveman be ok? Will he make friends? What will be his first words? In this sense the film is very satisfying.

However the note it goes out on is unfortunately ham-fisted not at all poignant. The film is still recommendable as a alternative sci-fi venture more in tune with a Bradbury story than the usual splice with horror or adventure.

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