Sunday, March 21, 2010

Party Down Review

Party Down is cynical, sexy, funny…but mostly true to life. The Starz produced TV show about a L.A. catering team comprised of wannabe and flunk actors/writers owes a lot to The Office. Hand held cameras: check. Jim and Pam style awkward romance: check, they’re names are Henry and Casey. Hell, there’s even Michael, Dwight, and Ryan-like characters filling in the rest of the cast. The big edge in that department however, is Jane Lynch as Constance. God I love her; she’s goofy, kind, and looks and sounds exactly like Ellen DeGeneres.

Synopsis: Henry, once trying to breaking into Hollywood’s acting ring has given it up after about 10 years only got him a career and pride shattering beer ad gig. He has no choice but to return to his old job from bygone days with Party Down Catering, working under former co-worker Ron (the Michael Scott of the show). The rest of the crew is made up by Kyle, a smooth talking pretty boy who’s not afraid to pimp himself to every possible connection he makes; Roman the arrogant sci-fi nerd/screenwriter; Casey who wants the impossible: to be a good female comedian, and Constance (see above).

It really is hilarious, but often leans towards developing a solid story for the bulk of each episode’s 28 minute running time. This makes for regular surprises, new conflicts, and guest appearances by slightly more famous character actors like J.K. Simmons. I’m nearly down with the first season and hankering for more, so this is a definite recommendation.

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