Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bright Falls-the first two episodes

Bright Falls is the six part live action web series prequel to the upcoming Alan Wake. Here's what I got from the first two episodes.

Both episodes feature high production values (for a web series), strong casting, and a great location for photography. Easily, it is the scenery that you will be most moved by. The script offers both realistic dialogue and routine information withholding. I am a fan of mystery, but usually not from the vantage point of a every day schmo. A detective makes things interesting by showing us how to put two and two together. To boot, a detective notices evidence.

That's not to say the audience doesn't notice all the red flags going off, but protagonist Jake (a nobody journalist in the Alan Wake universe) may become impossible to connect to. Like a bad mystery/thriller he appears to be of the stock type that only takes action when much has been slowly revealed to him rather than discovered. See what I mean.

Overall I'm not terriblly impressed and if the second webisode wasn't already available right after watching the pilot I would have lost all interest. The second episode simply reveals a little more detail about Jake, just enough to raise half an eye brow.

I am very happy to see this growing trend in advertising. Live action media to promote far more expensive digital media opens many door for aspiring filmmakers. A whole new job market has just opened.

Finally, developer Remedy has made it no secret that David Lynch's tv seires Twin Peaks was their biggest influence. I can understand; I too have been deeply motivated by mystery series, books, and film. Too bad I loathe Lynch. I cannot speak for Twin Peaks, but the very offbeat director is well practiced in making avant garde experimental films that are impossible for mainstream audiences to enjoy. We can only wait and see where Bright Falls goes.

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