Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fear 2 review

After finishing my review of [REC] I was in the mood for a good horror game. So, here' my late review of FEAR 2.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Goblin Commander

Goblin Commander is a curious little game. Not just because of it’s wicked humor or how far it stretch’s the “T” rating, but in that it is a home console developed RTS from way back in 2003. Today we’re still in a transitional stage as more representatives from the genre appear on console. Despite the efforts so far, gamers have not been particularly eased into what was for the longest time a PC exclusive genre. Goblin Commander was made to be and ultimately is a logical and fair stepping stone for the novice.

The game features five factions (considerably more than most hardcore RTS’s) playable through a lengthy campaign mode and a PVP skirmish mode. It’s only after you finish the campaign that you sense that something’s missing and that would be a player versus Computer skirmish mode. Still, what the game does offer is polished and more importantly streamlined.

There are only two resources: gold for building/repairing structures and upgrading units. And then there’s souls for creating units. Gold can be found on the field or from destroying almost anything in the environment and souls come from claimable fountains. But the signature mechanic of the game is directly controlling any unit: with one button a strategy game suddenly resembles a third person action game. The explanation for this is that the Goblin Commander (the games protagonist) can turn into a spirit that oversees the war at hand and can posses his minions. This includes the mighty Titans who provide multiple attack options.

The action is kept feverish with delightfully destructible stages and a light physics engine to boot. Goblins also spout green blood as they are slaughtered and their newly upgraded weaponry is visible on every unit. The campaign throws a little of everything at you for the sake variety and a good challenge. Earlier in the game the focus is shear destruction and flanking your enemy’s camps in the forest. Later on several consecutive levels play like a survival-horror game, forcing you to get by with limited resources in a dark swamp. The campaign can be finished in roughly 12 hours and multiplayer option makes for a good party game thanks to the overall simplicity.

The RTS’s diehards probably will scoff at the truncated strategy and it is true that many fights can be won by selecting all units and then flood the enemy with them. But that shouldn’t keep the curious away from this charming and very unique little title.

Half-Life: Source

There’s only one reasonable excuse for owning HL:Source. Nostalgia. That’s why I dropped ten Euro on this game. Yes, Euro. I’m in Rome, and just had to have a game to play. Oh! What’s this? Half-Life with Source graphics?! Must buy now!

My mistake. I’ve already played the game just like every other guy under the sun. There’s really no other excuse for not having fond memories of blasting crab-head zombies within the last ten years. Unless you live under a rock. And own a Mac.

Anyway, HL:Source does have rag dolls…and cool water FX. Actually the sweet looking water is a jarring contrast to the rest of the environment. New lighting? Not really. Better models? Not at all, though rag doll jaggy-faced models have some charm. In the end your better off waiting for the fan made mod: Black Mesa.

Don’t get me wrong, the original game play’s timeless! Still this is a stark reminder that Valve is a business first and foremost. And they’re willing to shell out old products just to scam a buck. Honestly, there are about three or more “Ultimate Edition/Collections” of Half-Life and it’s expansions. Bottom line: A great game….you already own.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

[REC] review

In honor of the recent release of [REC]2 here's the review to the original 2007 Spanish horror hit that was later remade as the less than well received Quarantine.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Halo: Combat Evolved in 2010

A retrospective on the classic. How well does it hold up nearly 10 years after the fact.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New episode of Do Them Justice and retrospective in works

So my first three official DTJ reviews are up and I'm very happy with them. The latest (The New Daughter) seems to be doing very well on YouTube, though this is probably because I used Muse's Resistance in it (gotta love tags). The next video will be a retrospective of a widely beloved game and will be followed by a official episode of Do Them Justice.
On who or what that'll cover is still up in the air. I have a couple subjects in mind. I was considering Rob Zombie, but hell I can't stand his movies and DTJ is about giving credit where credit is due. In the meantime I've been sidetracked by the recent release of Crackdown 2 which if you follow my Gamespot blog you'll know that I've been awaiting that with much enthusiasm. Yes...I did buy it day one.
I'm also trying to get these videos on That Guy with the Glasses in the blogs section, but damn! It' nigh impossible to do so with their awful blog editor. Any tips on that would be nice.