Monday, July 19, 2010

Half-Life: Source

There’s only one reasonable excuse for owning HL:Source. Nostalgia. That’s why I dropped ten Euro on this game. Yes, Euro. I’m in Rome, and just had to have a game to play. Oh! What’s this? Half-Life with Source graphics?! Must buy now!

My mistake. I’ve already played the game just like every other guy under the sun. There’s really no other excuse for not having fond memories of blasting crab-head zombies within the last ten years. Unless you live under a rock. And own a Mac.

Anyway, HL:Source does have rag dolls…and cool water FX. Actually the sweet looking water is a jarring contrast to the rest of the environment. New lighting? Not really. Better models? Not at all, though rag doll jaggy-faced models have some charm. In the end your better off waiting for the fan made mod: Black Mesa.

Don’t get me wrong, the original game play’s timeless! Still this is a stark reminder that Valve is a business first and foremost. And they’re willing to shell out old products just to scam a buck. Honestly, there are about three or more “Ultimate Edition/Collections” of Half-Life and it’s expansions. Bottom line: A great game….you already own.

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