Friday, October 8, 2010

Top reasons why 007: Blood Stone could, but shouldn't suck

Weighing out the pros and cons of my most hotly anticipated title of Fall 2010.


jaedan said...

Nice little criticism you've done there but can I include some counter-criticism that will hopefully answer some of your questions.

Q1: There has been gameplay footage in fact there's some right about here--->

Q2: Not entirely sure about what you meant by this question. In fact didn't you answer it by saying Activision made it? Anyway with the reception of many of Bizzare's games I'm sure that they are going to be dedicated to making a great game. Also when Goldeneye was being made Rare was an almost completely unknown company and the developers were a mess. However they managed to pull finger and create a godfather of video games.

Q3: yep its a surprise and so was Goldeneye :D They're both being made/released/marketed simultaneously and most of Activision's market is on the 360/PS3 so why not? To be blunt Goldeneye isn't a port because the leader of Eurocom see's no point in it , he thinks it be a waste of money creating a game to be unique to the Wii just to detroy that uniqueness in order to be able to port it. Brizzare has said that there WILL be multiplayer and that its goals will reflect the single player campain.

Hoped that helped :D Sharing the same thoughts on the games with you and hoe to hear more about it from you :D


David P. said...

Why, thank you for your comments. I actually wrote this a month ago and only recently saw the new footage. Still, why they have not proudly showcased it in unedited trailers is suspicious. The word on the forums is that it's to hide the games unspectacular visuals. Still, I remain confident. Mind you I'm more excited for this than Black Ops in November.

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