Saturday, February 12, 2011

Read a Book: A New Years Resolution in Action

So I got a Barnes and Noble gift card as a Christmas gift. A nice present and kind of a hint. I don't read much. Well, not many books. I read the N.Y. Times, Time Magazine, The New Yorker (shut up! there's some good anecdotes in there), and a few webzines.

I started Frank Herbert's Dune last year, but gave up recently around page 100. I know that's weak, but it just isn't very involving. I've been promised that it gets better about 200 pages in...that's not a recommendation. Before the exciting, high-fantasy fun starts the set up takes it's precious time rewriting history. So many made up words! And the glossary in the back is less a help and more a reminder that the author thinks he's just so damn wise. Well, yeah when you've made everything up from scratch I'm kinda at a disadvantage. Why am I reading this again?

Moving on...
After entering the hell hole that is Burbank in search of my closest B&N I was met with disappointment when I discovered they didn't have a DVD section. Damn. So I scanned the aisles for familiar names and glossy covers.

My discriminating eyes fell upon The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I've heard a few good things about it and that it's recently been green lit for a movie. And I do like all things gladiator-like (Death Race 2000 and it's remake, Gamer, Spartacus: Blood & Sand, and Gladiator duh). But it's got a female's said apart of Harry Potter's success was that although J.K. Rowling is a woman Harry's a boy and J.K. isn't inherently indicative of either sex.

What the hell. So I got it and had about half the card left to spend on something of equal value. Well, this little gamer just happened to find a promotional tool in the book store in the form of a prequel novel to the yet released game Homefront written by John Milius.

I've been watching the title for a while now on various sites. I do love a game about revolution (Freed Fighters, Red Faction) and have been following the unsettling news updates of North Korea for some time. Sold.

So guess which book I started first?

I started it yesterday and blasted through the first hundred pages until my bladder called for changer before it's own revolution. In short, I like it. Not love, but I'm gonna make short work of this fun piece of right-wing fantasy and likely write up a review. It certainly has my pumped for the game itself. Heh, I guess mission accomplished.

Here's a trailer for the game in case you haven't a clue what I'm so hyped for.

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Hey David! Saw your comment at The Man-Cave. My book is nothing like Dune. Ironically, another reviewer stated that when she picked it up, she was expecting Dune and got Star Wars instead, which she loved. Hope you enjoy it as well.

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