Thursday, February 3, 2011

Self Righteous Forum

The Escapist, a nerd culture site famous for the Zero Punctuation series boasts a lively forum community. And under the "Off Topic" section I found a thread titled "Am I a Bad Person?"

Read it and you will discover a rather unsettling unanimous discussion that the author's refusal to donate pocket change to the medical bills of two girls injured in a car accident (a third died), because they deserved it is "right".

Geez. Some hundred or so of these people are never getting laid. My comment on the thread was this:

"You will remain a very angry, miserable person for many years to come. You are sad and must hate yourself more than anything else on earth to have said such a thing. The overwhelming agreement you've received from the Escapist community does not make you right or your comment just. You need to walk a mile in the shoes of people different from you.

This is not a matter of drunk girls killing themselves. It's a matter of party girls meeting a horrible end you believe they earned...for being stupid. For enjoying themselves when you can not. Worse, you harbor a resentment of girls deriving from you're likely inexperience with them.

Get out. Meet new people. Try new things and to understand that your imperfect life style yields nothing for others. Here, if we ever meet I'll buy you a drink."

My username there is KO4U. I admit, I am curious to see what the community thinks of my words.

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