Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring Break Productions

Pitch my idea for a At the Movies style student run show to the Media Entertainment Guild yesterday and got a pretty strong response. A good few peeps interested and it looks like I'll be able to shoot a pilot next week (which is my spring break).

I checked out a lighting kit tonight which happened to be the very last night I could before break. But I'll have to use my old SD hard drive handy cam. I use it for all my videos but the picture quality isn't too hot. My other option was renting the last available mini DV handy cam. No thanks. So I'll borrow my roommate camera which...I'm sure what it is, but it's HD...I think.

The set will just be a community room here in the dorms. Probably no background, but my editing guy will add some graphics. I'm going to use both cameras for coverage and in the future I hear there's a multi-camera TV studio for student use. If this is true I've shit my pants in the future the moment I see it with my own two eyes.

I'll put up the pilot when it's shot of course. I might also be a actor in a couple projects soon too. One's a school orientation video. The other is a skit about a public bathroom brawl. I'll be playing a "bro", my toughest role yet. Looking like a pretty good spring break to me.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Second Annual TCM Festival

Yes, I'm going. And with my Dad again. I didn't realize how many photos I still had on my camera from last year. And I think there's a couple other videos I should put up...

I'll be recording as much as I can this year as well. Last time they would let me shoot the panels and John Carpenter was at one of them!

I'll get more interviews and maybe record my thoughts on a couple events. I think my dad got slightly more expensive passes this year too. We'll have to investigate what that entails. In the meantime I recommend if you are going participate in the email contest (that's what I'm calling it) where you email them why you're going and the influence of classic films on you and blah blah. It feels like a assignment from one of my film theory classes. I'll churn one out for this though anyways, simply because it should be easy for me.