Sunday, May 22, 2011

2nd TCM Festival

So, I went to the second annual TCM film festival this year and boy did a lot happen…and not get caught on film! I feel terrible, but I recorded JUST ONE interview this year and no panels!

What was I thinking? Well I was probably sleeping at the hotel (and occasionally through movies). So instead here’s a short list of the best moments of the festival.

-Saw “Spartacus” for first time. In Grauman’s Chinese Theater! Very cool, sweeping, always entertaining, and surprisingly violent. Like lots-o-blood violent. Kirk Douglas was in attendance (yeah, no biggie) and spoke before the film played. He recently lost all his teeth so it was difficult to understand everything he said. One thing I do remember him clearly saying was in response to the question of what it was like both starring in and executive producing the film. He said, “Well, we had a great script to work with”, referring to the black listed writer Dalton Trumbo whose name Douglas cleared.

-Saw the firs twenty minutes of “Shaft” with Richard Roundtree in attendance BUT couldn’t get the night off from work! So I had to drive thirty minutes north to check I.D. at my campus dorms. Woot.

-The one interview I did record was of Hayley Mills of “Parent Trap” fame and I will post that video shortly! The film I saw her at was actually a smaller non-Disney picture co-staring Anthony Bates called “Whistle Down the Wind”. It’s a remarkable film about three kids in rural England (the casting is amazing all around, those kids actually came from that lonesome community) discovering a fugitive criminal they believe is Jesus. Not so great was the Q&A that followed when some girl asked about how demanding Disney was of his actors…when she burst out crying…into a microphone. Um…ok.

-A panel about the industry’s sequel craze with Brett Ratner in attendance. Nope. Didn’t see it. Wanted to. But had more work that no one could cover for me!

-The closing night mixer was fun. Met and shook hands with Ben Mankiewicz from TCM. Lots of drunk old people not so great. I meant to have one guy introduce me to the festival coordinator: in part because I wanted to know if she could get me a job at TCM and because she was pretty hot (and not old). Instead I winded up hanging with two cute girls on the party staff. Bought one a drink. Ditched the mixer with her. Made out in the back of her Jeep. And got her number.

And no. I am not making any of this up! Can’t wait for next year.

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