Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Charlyne Yi Show (review)

Last weekend Ellen (my girlfriend) and I saw Charlyne Yi of Paper Heart fame at the Upright Citizen's Brigade theater. And what a show that was! This was my first time there and the first thing I noticed was how hipster the crowd was-which I know is a big turn off for some-but the audience was so receptive to the show I wouldn't have it any other way. The show itself was made up of several performances by various "artists" in addition to Yi who also hosted. Here's a break down of who was there and a rating out of five stars for each.

Charlyne Yi 4/5 stars
You either love her or hate her. I love her determinable awkwardness and good natured conversation. Which is why it was such a surprise that she greeted the audience with a tangent of swears and teasing. "What? Does my mic excite you, because I looks like a c***? Dumbass, it looks nothing like a c***." But I'm paraphrasing. She also did some musical skits with a repetitive rock version of Ava Maria, two cute guitar duets with friends (Casey Trela and Ann Maddox. Songs included "Angels Voices Sound Like: Ah ha haha"), and a goodbye song. All in all, about what I expected and a little more.

Nathan Fielder 3/5 stars
A comedian with a disposition similar to Michael Cera and Dimitri Martin's brand of humor. The jokes were innocent and silly, the kind you might use to pick a girl up only to land in the friend zone, if you know what I mean. Not bad, but his highlight was Yi commenting on the brevity of his performance and arguing behind the curtain with the mic still on. She eventually asked him to undress to make her feel better before stepping back onto the stage briefly revealing his naked rear backstage. Wow, didn't think they would go that far with the gag! Here's him investigating...Pizza?

Tina Lenert 5/5
This aging beauty gave us an out of nowhere tour de force magic show. All of the sudden there was this petite woman on stage pulling scarfs through her neck then making them fold themselves. What a performance! I love magicians myself. I don't want to know how they do what they do; their craft hearkens back to a time where anything seems possible and my inner child appreciates it.

Ron Lynch 2/5
Ellen had seen this guy before and assured me he was a riotous comedian. No, no he wasn't. His shtick for the entirety of his time on stage was asking us our favorite celebrities...with a mouthful of water. He did a couple impersonations too, which gave the whole thing kind of a charades feel, but it got old fast. Strangely the audience disagreed. Must of been my request for his best Bogart.

Casey Trela 2/5 stars
This guy looked like Jesus crossed with a hipster. He only performed one song (with acustic guitar) before Yi joined so this rating is based on him alone. He wasn't bad and it felt appropriate to have him come last as a wind down for the show. His song (which he also wrote, but I can't remember the name of) was familiar and not for all tastes. I would consider it comparable to Jason Mraz, sappy and forgettable. The least impressive of the night.

Overall. I pretty sweet show. Recommendable to the adventurous and playful.

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