Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Jeff Goldblum's jazz band

I saw Goldblum perform with his group called "THE MILDRED SNITZER ORCHESTRA" last night. The group was named after a family friend whom you can see in a brief interview.

The orchestra played at Cafe Was, which is your typical L.A. snob restaurant/bar with drinks ranging $10-$14, i.e. too much. The crowd was also what you'd expect in L.A.

What I didn't expect was Goldblum inviting various singers and sax players to join them in a song or two. One man (who looked like a Tim Burton drawing) sang to his wife and kinda hippie woman kicked ass on the sax. The orchestra was all around pretty into their music, laughing and shouting at each other. In between each song Goldblum played six degrees of Kevin Bacon except he never ended the game! He would ask for a name and connect it then just keep going and going. He is definitely a funny man and very laid back. He'd often play with one hand and shield his eyes from the stage lights to look into the crowd and wave. Aside from those eating everyone was pretty thrilled just to be there.

Oh, did I mention this was all free? :)

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