Thursday, July 21, 2011

Blog Experimentation

I've been posting on Blogger for a couple years now. And while I will continue my Do Them Justice Reviews video series I'm looking to try a few other things. Namely the competing free blogging sites.

I just created a tumblr blog with a more narrow focus. Namely it's about recording my experience with film production in acting, writing, directing, etc. The blog is called: The Production Student. Check it out.

I'm also going to give Wordpress a swing. You might remember waaaaayyyy back in the beginning of Do Them Justice that I covered a wordpress blog that re-wrote the story of Hitman: Blood Money, one of my all time fave game series. I'm thinking of trying something similar...with the Mass Effect games! I'm replaying the series from the start with a new female character (or femshep) and exploring my more devious side. Not exactly an evil Shepard, just a more nilly-willy. I'll post again when that site is up.

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